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This great Cubase template will show you how to acheive good energy and drive in a track, I will show you how to treat and route the following:

• Kick
• Sub bass
• Mid basses
• Percussion
• ambience
• fx
This is a template of the above sounds only and not a full construction pack, i have created this as a basis for you to build your own tracks. have fun.
• Length:  01:36

• DAW: Cubase

• Plugins needed:
• Sylenth1
• Fabfilter Pro C
• Fabfilter Pro Q
• Fabfilter Timeless
• Xfer LFO tool
• Gladiator
• Arts Acoustic Reverb
• Izotope Ozone 5
(i) You can replace any of the sounds and they will fit right into the mix.
(i) Be sure to watch out for automation of the filter on master channel and the bypassing of the side-chain emulation.
(i) I have edited readily available sample packs and soundbanks in this template and it recommended to replace the sounds with your own work.
*This is a template to allow you to build on what i have created with each channel treated and ready to use and not a full track*
INFO This is THE perfect template for those who want to achieve the hard driving energy of the big monster 140 bangers.
(*) FYI- this is the basis of my latest rework 'Ralph Fridge - Angle (Darren Porter 2013 rework).

• For remix info please email DarrenPorterMusic [at]



Cubase Template

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