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This is collaboration with Luke PN who gave up his masterpeace Division released by Magic Earth Tunes!


This is pure HARD STYLE TEMPLATE ready to show you how to compose professional sounds with clear sounds and master.



Lear how to create Epic choirs like from MOVIES !

This template is ready to teach you everything not only for hardstyle but also for a trance.

You are allowed use the sounds and make your own melodies.

You are not allowed release it like your own track since it was signed to recordlabel and it was composed by Luke PN.



What do you need:

- Ableton

- Omnisphere ( only one bass not more )

- Nexus (drama section)

- Sonivox (drama section)

- LexHall Reverb (used for atmoshphere of leads, drums etc). You can replace it with Ableton reverb if you wish.

- OZONE 5 used for final mastering (not really needed)




Ableton Template

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