Eternal Light - Uplifting Trance FL Studio Template (Tau-Rine Remake)

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Hi, Uplifters! 

It's my remake of classical trance track.


If you want to make quality uplifting trance - this is template for you!!!


You will learn to make:

1 - Uplifting Kicks

2 - Massive Sub 20px

3 - Pumping Mid Basslines

4 - Cool Acid Lines

5 - Classical Arp. Leads

6 - Classical Saw Pads & Space Breaks

7 - Arrangement & adding the FXs

7 - EQ-ing all elements & group channels

8 - Mixing & Mastering of final mix

and many more...


DAW: Made using FL Studio 12.1.3

Plug-ins required:

  • ANA Synth
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb
  • FabFilter Pro-C
  • FabFilter Pro-L
  • FabFilter Pro Q
  • Nexus2
  • Ozone 5
  • Sausage Fattener
  • Spire
  • Sylenth1
  • Volume Shaper 3
  • Waves 8
  • Zebra2
  • Credland Audio BigKick (v.1.5.2)
  • Maag EQ4
  • Classic Flanger


[ i ] Make sure you have all mentioned plugins above installed and working to get a good clear sound.


[ ? ] You want to releasing on the best trance labels? That template for you, mate!!!



Here it is Project File + Mastering Wav File!

ZIP file size: 116 MB.

Free mp3 320 you can download here:


Track to order (ghost production)

please contact me via email:


(c) Copyrights: This templates is for learning puposes only. The melodies is copyrighted for demonstration!




FL Studio Screenshot Project / Template








by MaxTauRine

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OS Compatibility


Used Plug-ins

FabFilter Pro-Q
FabFilter Pro-C
ArtsAcoustic Reverb
ANA Synth
Sausage Fattener
Ozone 5
FabFilter Pro-L
Volume Shaper

Other Plug-ins used

Credland Audio BigKick
Waves 8
Maag EQ4
Classic Flanger

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