Driving Uplifting Trance Template for Ableton Live View Project

Progressive Trance template series for Ableton Live users which will help you to improve your making music skills.




(G) Genre: Progressive Trance
(L) Length: 07:19
(D) DAW: Ableton Live 9

(P) Plug-ins:
- FabFilter Saturn
- Spire
- Sylenth1
- FabFilter Pro-Q 2
- Transient Master
- AudioDamage EOS
- AudioDamage Dub Station
- Volume Shaper 4
- Nomad Factory Cosmos
- iZotope Ozone 6
- Waves 9 (SSL Compressor, R-Bass, R-Vox, H-Delay)





Ableton Live Template / Project Screenshot




Any support or questions about template can be asked by email form via my profile.



Ableton Live Template / Project

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