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Recreation of Mino Safy - ASOT style.

This simple awesome orchestral music project is a perfect start to your next session, learn this settings and personalize it with your own FX or vocals, the possibilities are endless.


Built for FL STUDIO using the best orchestral techniques on the market. This project can also be used only for the midi parts with your own harware or software.

It was dedicated to people who want do some epic and lovely sounds!


MASTERING TECHNIQUES included at master channel: We also provided our the best mastering settings on master channel with Tracks. Feel free check out how it was made for the best sound design.

You can simply turn off this master and listen original music, then turn it on again and you will see big changes!


  Plugins used:

- Massive

- Sylenth1

- Nexus2

- Ozone5 for mastering





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