Uplifting Trance Producer Pack Vol. 2 (5 FL Studio Projects)




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Here is a new pack Vol. 2 and five FL Studio projects / template full length, each project is made with most popular uplifting trance style, with beatbassacid line and sound design specially arranged  for each specific uplifting style!


Projects are affected popular producers style like:

Aly & Fila , Photographer, Temple One, Dimension/Origami Style, e.t.c


All project are ready for release because they have original melody!


Sound quality is identical like you hear in preview


PPV2 01 Aly & Fila Style (Original Melody) 07:32

Download Demo



PPV2 02 Photographer Style v2 (Original Melody) 07:11

Download Demo



PPV2 03 Uplifting Vocal Trance Style (Original Melody) 07:58

Download Demo



PPV2 04 Temple One Style (Original Melody ) 07:46

Download Demo



PPV2 05 Dimension Origami Style (Original Melody) 07:18

Download Demo




Plug-ins required:

  • FabFilter Pro Q
  • FabFilter Timeless
  • FabFilter Vulcano 2
  • Massive
  • Nexus2
  • Nicky Romero Kickstart
  • Spire
  • Sylenth1
  • Zebra2
  • OhmBoyz
  • Maag EQ4



Note: Make sure you have all required plug-ins installed do get a clear sound.




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