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ToxicPulse & Teccno (also known as SkiDropz) are launching their first production set for the hands-up producers, featuring 5 slightly stretched construction kits with Basses, Fx's and Leads which can put a taste of flavour in your future productions!


Influences from the biggest hands-up scene producers, such as Rob Mayth, The Hitmen, Basshunter, The Real Booty Babes and ToxicPulse & Teccno.


All the included files (over 100+ loops) are 140BPM and over, perfectly synced with an ease of transpose for the loops and midi files. Works out-of-the-box with the most popular DAW systems: FL Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro X, Ableton.


So grab those secret ingredients and go blow up the dance arena near you!


All sounds have been equalized for optimal presence for your tracks.



  • 5 Construction Kits
  • Midi files
  • Presets




Contruction Kit

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