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This is a full template in Ableton Live 9.5, that represents the nowadays sound of Coldharbour label.

It's about building an Ableton template for improving your music producing skills.

I used only Sylenth1 and Spire for production, and 2 additional plugins from FabFilter which are brilliant and none of my production are missing them.

Make sure you explore all the channels, chains and automations. You will discover a lot of interesting and useful things. At least i hope so.

Private Templates, Ghost Production, Mixing & Mastering Services: Contact me.


• Duration: 05:09

• DAW: Ableton Live

• BPM: 132

• Required Plug-ins:



Ableton Live Coldharbour Style Template Screenshot


For any preferences and requests, do not hesitate to contact me.



Ableton Template

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