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This is my Reason 8 EDM template I use to make all my music with. What I have done here is made a foundation to start from with all the right settings in place, and even included a basic template for EDM song structure to get anyone who uses this off to the right start for making EDM music.


This template can be used with the most recent version of Reason and the user does’t have to have any new rack extensions but what is provided in Reason out of the box to start off making music with this template. All the sounds are from the Reason factory sound bank and can be changed up with no problems if the user wishes to replace the stock sounds with there own samples.


I set the template at 140 bpm to start with but this template can be use for all genres of EDM. The user just has to set in the desired tempo and adjust the drum pattern that is provided to fit their genre of choice. I started off with a simple music pattern up to the drop to get things started. I did not put a drop in because that is up to the user to decide so I choose to leave it there.


Everything is set to a balanced volume level when you start using the template, from the channel volumes in each instrument, right to the master output so there is no distortion on any of the instruments, and there are no limiters needed on any of the channels. I find that the way I set up each channel there is no clipping or even dramatic volumes on any of the instruments so no limiting is needed and the user can get the proper undistorted sound when using this template from start.


I included my custom drum kit setup with all the channels separated and EQ’ed. I also included a simple bass, a grand piano and white noise FX. All the right things to get anyone started making any genre of EDM needed. Each one of the combinators are special setups I have learned over the years so I wanted to share them in this template. Especially the 808 kick’ and the reverb setup I have been using when I started setting up templates in Reason 8.


Everything is here in this template to get anyone off and running to making EDM music in Reason. Just start putting in your own patterns and sounds to the song structure and you are good to go. I did this mostly because I don’t see anyone else putting out templates like this for Reason so I will be doing more in the future and more genre specific templates real soon.




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