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Vocal Chop Trance Template by " Luke PN " of his remix emoticon


Project is a remix of the track: Dejan S - Missing You (Luke PN Remix) released on Magic Earth Tunes. You are allowed get inspired from this template and make your own sounds - You are not allowed release it like yours own.


Built for Ableton Users using the best techniques on the market. This project can also be used only for the midi parts with your own hardware or software.


It was dedicated to people who want do some epic and lovely sounds!

MASTERING TECHNIQUES included at master channel.


What do you need:

- Ableton 9

- Spire

- Guitars (You can replace it with your own guitars synths. Used omnisphere)


Grab your copy and learn the structure of a great done track made in Ableton Live.



Ableton Template

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    Really high quality of this project. Sounds fantastic for me. I have no T-Racks CS and Sylenth1 ( missing plugins ) yet but I think when I'll buy T-Racks CS used on master channel of this template it will sounds more preferably. Mixing and "live mastering" at the highest level. Sylenth1 can be replaced by other synths. The most important are effect plugins on the individual instruments, groups and master channel. I have many tutorials about mixing and mastering but I have no time for boring learning  Just I'll learn from his settings in this project ****** for *****

  • thank you so much for your kind words ! enjoy it so much you will definitly own the mastering techniques using these professional settigs

    keep on buddy

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