Ableton Live Chillout Template Vol. 1 (Alex Heat)

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The Chillout Template for Ableton Live users done by Alex Heat.


Used Kontakt Library (The Grandeur, Strummed Acoustic, String Ensemble, Emotional Cello).


Some of the party were exported as audio files.




(G) Genre: Chillout
(L) Length: 01:44
(F) Filesize: ~1GB
(D) DAW: Ableton Live (made with v9.7 / require v.9.5 & up)

(P) Plug-ins:
- Acon Digital Multiply (FREE)
- Audio Damage EOS
- FabFilter Pro-Q 2
- Kontakt
- IK Multimedia T-Racks CS Quad Image
- iZotope Ozone 7
- Maximizer
- Native Instruments Replika XT
- Plugin Alliance Noveltech Character
- Spire
- Sylenth1
- S1 Imager
- Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
- Valhalla Plate
- Valhalla Shimmer
- Waves API 2500




Ableton Live Template / Project Screenshot




Any support or questions about template can be asked by email form via my profile.



Ableton Live Template / Project

by AlexHeatMusic

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OS Compatibility

Windows Mac OS

Used Plug-ins

FabFilter Pro-Q 2

Other Plug-ins used

Audio Damage EOS
Plugin Alliance Noveltech Character
Acon Digital Multiply
Valhalla Plate
Valhalla Shimmer
Native Instruments Replika XT
IK Multimedia T-Racks CS Quad Image
Waves API 2500
S1 Imager
iZotope Ozone 7
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

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