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JanLin finished the track in 2013 and it should have been produced by recording. However, this didn't happen.


The sunlight will get its new version this December 2016  and this time it's is going to be produced by .... records. They are selling the same track in a bit of a different light which should suit every trance production as only the best ... and technology will be used. The best template for a trance production.


Also, this project it will help the new music producers to learn more about production, mixing and mastering a song.


Use this template to create your own next big track!



Length: 02:54

DAW: Ableton Live (v.9.7 / v.9.5 or up required)
VST's used: FabFilter Pro-L // FabFilter Pro-Q // FabFilter Pro-Q 2 // LFO Tool // Ozone 5 // Sylenth1 // T-Racks Classic Compressor


Support requests can be asked by email form on my profile. Please leave your comments and reviews too.
This melody is copyrighted and you're allowed to use it for demo purposes only! 
But feel free to use any synths & effects sounds, presets, settings in your own trance production.


Ableton Live Template / Project

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