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Cinematic template for FL Studio 12 and WAVE Loops by COLOVE Products Sounds... Epic, emotional and dramatic movie-sound from the first trailer "Transformers: The Last Knight".


Package includes 2 FLP projects, with using Kontakt and without Kontakt (Replaced on WAV-loops). We also added vst plugin reFX Vanguard 2 by COLOVE Products, Winkl by Tek'it Audio, Saturation Knob by Softube and Abletunes Knobs by Softube. This is a very large and complex project.




• Cinematic

In detail, the pack contains:
• FLP (with Kontakt 5.6.5)
• FLP (without Kontakt)
• Loops (WAVE 32Bit)
• Audio Demo
• FREE VST Vanguard 2 by COLOVE Products (32bit)
• FREE VST Saturation Knob by Softube (64bit)
• FREE VST Abletunes Knobs by Softube (32/64bit + MAC)
• FREE VST Winkl by Tek'it Audio (64bit)
• Cover


VST Plugins (Instruments) used?
• Sylenth1
• Massive
• Zebra 2
• Vanguard 2 by COLOVE Products (incl. in this package)
Kontakt 5.6.5

  1. Heavyocity Media Damage
  2. Heavyocity Natural Forces Gravity Pack 01
  3. Action Strikes
  4. 8DIO Hybrid Tools 1
  5. Output Signal Pulse Engine
  6. Audio Imperia - Nailstrom Cigar Box Guitar (Optional)
  7. Embertone Blakus Cello (Optional)
  8. ThaLoops Electric Guitar



VST Plugins (Effects) used?
• FL Plugins
• FabFilter Pro-R
• FabFilter Pro-Q2
• Abletunes Knobs
• Softube Saturation Knob
• Kickstart
• Winkl

Mastering (Master Channel)
• FabFilter Pro-Q2
• FabFilter Pro-L



• Website:
• Manager/Promo: colovemanager[@]
• General: colovemusic[@]
• Demo (SoundCloud): democolove[@]






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