COLOVE Products Sounds pres. 10 beautiful collection of trance basslines and instruments projects for FL Studio (latest) with title "COLOVE TRANCEMODE 1". 6 Stunning basslines/intros templates and 4 instruments.



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• Trance 138, Uplifting, Progressive, EDM


In detail, the pack contains:
• Exclusive Contents
• 10-Trance Basslines/Intros/Instruments Projects (latest FL Studio)

Enjoy the powerful sounds of COLOVE TRANCEMODE 1!


General: colovemusic[at]
Manager: colovemanager[at]
Demo (Sunrise): democolove[at]
Demo (Sunrise Pro): colovemanager2[at]
Demo (BLACKCAT): colovenature[at]


COLOVE Products Soft:
COLOVE Products Sounds:


About Demo. To send the COLOVE team a demo track 320kbps and Soundcloud private link with download option. We do not accept works: (Bootlegs, Remixes - if original track not signed on our label, Mashups, Templates - NextProducers).


COLOVE Sunrise, supported genres: (Trance: Psy, Tech, Classic, Uplifting, Progressive), (House: Electro, Progressive, Future, Deep, Classic), (Hardstyle: Hardcore, Eurodance), (Dubstep).


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