Retro Thunder - Synthwave for Sylenth Bundle (Vol 1, 2 & 3)




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229 Sylenth Presets designed for Synthwave!

Now you can get...

Retro Thunder - Synthwave for Sylenth Vol.1

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Retro Thunder - Synthwave for Sylenth Vol.2

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Retro Thunder - Synthwave for Sylenth Vol.3

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Sylenth1 Soundbank Bundle Video Preview

In One Special Bundle! Saving you Money...

- Everything that is included in the Volumes are included in this one File!
- So thats Drums, Kicks, Claps, Hi Hats, Snare and More...
- Thats also FLP's, Midi Files, Presets and More!

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    I also posted this at the wrong product (Vol 3) My bad

    First of all. Amazing package!!! Works flawlessly!
    Why are all the preset in Vol 1 named after wrestlers/fighters haha?
    Currently at work so i can't wait to get started with this package tonight. I also just bought a midi keyboard and learning to play it. It's going to be some fun times trying to create Synthwave!!

    Also for all the people who are saying it doesn't work on their sylenth. We all know that you did not download a legal version of Sylenth1. V2.2.1 is the last version that is downloadable from an illegal source. I can't blame you. Also did that. But i just wanted to say that the creator of Sylenth1 has a GREAT alternative. If you go to their website you can buy Sylenth1 using paypal with a subscription method. 10 euro's a month. And after 17 month's the software is yours to keep forever. If you cancel before 17 month's your license will expire but the amount of payed months won't. Please look into this. It's an amazing plugin and creator!

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    Great presets, keep 'em coming!
    But from Volume 3 on it's not working in Sylenth V2.21, right?! I guess you need to update to V3.55. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, in my Sylenth V2.21 Volume 1 works perfect, Volume 2 works good (round about 7 presets are empty) and Volume 3 and 4 are not working.

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