Thunderbolt - Bangin Trance Logic Pro Template (Armada, ASOT Style)

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This template is based on my own original track called 'Thunderbolt' which is signed to Entrancing Music and supported by Alexander Popov, Eximinds, DJ Feel, Roman Messer, Mr. Pit and many more!


Studying this project file will give you a great insight on the processing of individual channels and mixing bangin' trance in Logic Pro, through the use of EQ, compression, delay, reverbs, layering & more.


This template comes loaded up with full arrangement (as heard in the audio demo), mixing, FX chains, MIDI data and automation. It all comes loaded with all the samples and synth presets, so you'll get what you hear in the demo (if you have these synths & plugins).


If you need a custom version of a project made specially for you (incl. new melody) simply contact me via PM.


This project was made in Logic Pro X v10.3.2 (but should work in v10.2.4 as well)
Please contact me if you need a Logic Pro 9 version of a project.


Plug-ins used are listed below:

- Sylenth1 v2.2.1
- Spire v1.1.12

- LFOTool v1.6.8
- MSED (free)

- FabFilter Pro-C 2
- A.O.M. Invisible Limiter G2 (can be replaced with any limiter you like)


Logic Pro Image Preview


Melody is provided for demo purposes only, and you're not allowed to use it in your own tracks. But feel free to use any synth & effect sounds, presets, settings in your own production.

If you need a project customisation, contact me via profile message.


Need help with your own production (mixing, mastering etc.) or wanna get a 'ghost' track? Contact me via PM.



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OS Compatibility

Mac OS

Used Plug-ins

LFO Tool
A.O.M Invisible Limiter

Other Plug-ins used

Voxengo MSED, FabFilter Pro-C 2

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