Future Trance Basslines For Ableton Live - Template (ASOT Style)



This is my new basslines pack for you. In this pack you can find 3 projects heard in the demo with all samples, presets and MIDI's.


Project Previews


3833 screenshot image 1 3833 screenshot image 2 3833 screenshot image 3


 You can use this templates in your future project.


If you want only one project send me email: mo59420@gmail(dot)com


VST'S Versions:

  • LFO Tool v1.0.0
  • Spire v1.1.12
  • Sylenth v 2.21


  • Ableton v9.5



If you have any questions about the project please or you need any support please send me an email to: mo59420@gmail(dot)com


I can also explain you how this project work


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