What a sunny day is today! And what an awesome tune to work with. Guys, this template contains very advanced techniques and showcases high value production. With this template you will be able to dissect the full song, presets, melodies, mixing techniques, beats and percussion, mastering techniques and the full song composition. This track is released under the name "Calypso" and is currently available on iTunes, Beatport and Apple Music. So you cannot use the same midi melody!



“Calypso” has 100% of instruments written in midi, to trigger midi samples or VST presets, so that you can see what chording, layering and writing is done to achieve this certain sound. All the instruments have their own space in the mix and are processed to perfection. The presets and samples used are royalty free and included.



You will be able to dissect the overall song structure. The song is marked in professionally named parts such as: intro, buildup, drop, drop B, breakdown and outro. Now how cool is that?



Drums and percussion are routed to a bus channel, which has fully automated filters and effects applied. Go inside and see how the filters create crescendo’s and hype! All percussion used uses our own created samples, which are 100% royalty free and are included in the project.



All the similar sounding elements are grouped and bussed for ease of use. On the bus channels you will also find processing for leveling and balancing the sound. Almost all instruments are sidechained where needed, when the kick kicks in. You will be able to see how to perfect your sidechain-compression by looking at all the settings. Some instruments are sent to a dedicated stereo bus and reverb bus to have maximum control over the overall reverb and stereo use.



Even though the song is instrumental, the structure allows for future producers to create awesome lyrics and put some vocal taste on it!



Full master chain included with EQ, Multiband, saturation, 1 Limiter for clipping and 1 for maximum loudness. All of it done by Ozone 5.

In short, this high quality template reveals all secrets and will give you the insight and skill of a professional producer for this summer!

Write us your suggestions and we will work on more professional templates with different genres and different tastes.


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Calypso - Melodic Tropical House by SkiDropz



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