Download Project (Template) File in the genre of Electro House for Ableton Live 10 inspired by artists such as KSHMR, Throttle, Blinders, TV Noise, JETFIRE & 22Bullets and other artists in this genre.  


DAW: Ableton Live 10.0.1 or higher.


Required Plug-ins:

  • Sylenth1 v3.0.4 or higher (If you don't have this version, inside is screenshots of the presets in the presets folder)
  • Massive v1.3 or higher
  • xFer Serum v1.2.1.4 or higher
  • Xpand!2 (for instrumental sounds such as Sitar and others that you can replace if you have Guitar, Flute and other tools that are in the track names)
  • KORG M1 (Only for Piano M1 house for Lead)
  • ShaperBox (Volumeshaper5) if you do not have this plugin, use Kickstart with a short preset
  • CamelCrusher (Free)
  • Glip (Free)
  • Invisible Limiter (Master)
  • S(m)exoscope - On the master channel (the analyzers) at the request
  • T-Racks CS Metering - On the master channel (the analyzers) at the request

 Make sure you have all the plugins and versions you need.

Project information:

Tempo: 128bpm

Key: C# Minor
49 Audio and MIDI tracks

Also included in the download:

All MIDI and

ALS Project Files for Ableton Live
Presets for Sylenth1 for v3.0.4
Screenshots Preset settings if you don't have a new version of Sylenth1


Electro House Ableton Live Template Vol. 1 by Vesezzi (KSHMR Style)




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