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Here is the modern style of uplifting trance project, with interesting bass and beats and typical layering leads hove use many popular tracks like Allen Watts and many! 

All sound you hear in the demo is real and produced by VSTi. Use this template and improve your trance sound.

Project Specifications

Duration: 07:21 (full track)

Software: FL Studio (v.12 & up versions)

Plugins: A.O.M Invisible Limiter, ArtsAcoustic Reverb, FabFilter Pro-Q, FabFilter Pro-Q 2, FabFilter Saturn, Maag4 Endless Smile , Massive, Nexus2, Nicky Romero Kickstart, Spire 1.1, Sylenth1, Zebra2.

Usage & Copyrights

Melody is copyrighted and can be used for learning and demo purposes only!

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