Download contains: Ableton Live 10 template Frainbreeze - Progressive Trance (A State Of Trance Style Vol. 1), 7 presets for ArtsAcoustic Reverb, 11 presets for Spire, 3 presets for Sylenth1, 8 presets for Waves.

Synth versions: Ableton 10.0.3, Red 3 Compressor v1.1, ArtsAcoustic v1.6.0.015, Fabdilter Pro-Q2 v2.11, Spire 1.1.7 build 3881, Sylenth1 v2.21, Nexus 2.2.0, Kickstart v1.0.1, LFO 1.5.2, Waves v9r21, (HDelay v9.3.0.14 build 29537), (OneKnobPressure v9.3.0.14 build 29537), (JJP-Strings v9.3.0.14 build 29537), (OneKnobLouder v9.3.0.14 build 29537), Izotope v8.01.961

Author has no responsability of absence of certain plug-ins or specific versions, clearly indicated in the description!

Ableton Project Preview

Frainbreeze - Progressive Trance Ableton Live 10 (ASOT Style Vol. 1)

Use & Copyrights

Please note that the melody, midi, audio of the track is copyrighted and cannot be used as your own or as a part of your track or any other work. The project is intended to be used for learning and demo purposes only!

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