We are pleased to introduce our new product "RETRO SYNTHWAVE".

It is a completely new look at the sound of the 70s and 80s.

We have created a truly revolutionary package that can inspire you over and over again, because by adding each preset, we tried to get as close to the legendary retro sound as possible, but at the same time to keep the relevance of today's sound.

"RETRO SYNTHWAVE" will especially please the producers who like the characteristic sound of analog basses, leads, plucks and pads. Also we have created for you inspiring arpeggios, percussion and effects, which can be a great addition for you in creating your future synthwave music.

Used Software: Spire 1.1.13 is required.

Style: Synthwave, Retrowave, Synthpop, Chillwave.

Product Details:

  • 64 Spire Presets
  • 4 Arp Sounds;
  • 13 Bass Sounds;
  • 14 Lead Sounds;
  • 10 Pluck Sounds;
  • 4 Drums Sounds;
  • 7 Chord Sounds;
  • 7 FX Sounds;
  • 5 Pad Sounds.
  • 100% Royalty-Free.

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