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This great Ableton Template will show you the basis & how to acheive good laidback & progressive trance, that can sounds like DeadMau5 - The Veld.
If you are looking for Ableton Live project files Deadmau5 style - this is your perfect choice! Learn how to make tracks like Deadmau5 in Ableton.

I will show you how to treat and route the following:

  • Kick
  • Basslines
  • Pads
  • Percussion
  • Leads
  • FX

Project Specifications

Length: 07:49
DAW: Ableton Live 9.0.4 (or above)
Plugins needed:
  • Sylenth 2.2 (or above)
  • Fabfilter Q
  • Sonalkis TBK
  • Arts Acoustic Reverb
[+] Bonus : Ferry Tayle's Ableton Settings :
[+] Send Reverse (ready to use)
[#] This is the way i produced my tracks, what ever the style. It will show you how to use internal Ableton plugins without needed external products. In this template you will find some easy tricks that will help you to rout your chanel on a better way.
 This is THE perfect template for those who want to learn the basis or achieve a deadmau-ish track.
 All presets used are included in your favorite VST as default soundbank or made by myself.

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