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It is a Chillstep project for FL Studio with chords working with a sidechain reverb. This project will show how different types of sidechains work, how to create a harmonious and springy sidechain affecting all elements of the track. This project implements flexible mixing on automations (marked in red in the playlist). The elements of the arrangement are located in the patterns section (at the bottom), and the automation in the playlist (at the top).

Chillstep FL Studio Template

Elements in the mixer and playlist have colors:

  • Bass – red
  • Chord – light blue
  • Lead – green
  • Vocal Pad – yellow
  • Reverb channel – blue

 -  Duration of the track: 02:30

 -  The project requires: FL Studio version 11.1.1 and above.

Feel free to modify elements, melody and arrangement in this template and release your own tracks.

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