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This 6 release in 2019! ZGamerX "6" by COLOVE Products!

Today we want show you a new cool templates for Image-Line Software FL Studio v20.5 with new effects functions. We are pres.

Top effects for ZGameEditor Visualizer and not for slow PC.. UltraHD Quality, small file-size of content max to 10mb..

We used vectorial graphics, new technology’s by Image-Line Software for ZGE in FL20. Supported: Supersampling, 4K60FPS, 5K60FPS... renderings.

You can get a cool video on output.. Abstract and magical templates for your music to video with ZGE and ZGamerX series by COLOVE Products.

We made the best visuals for all who love make a good video content for own music. Enjoy!

(Full 1080p Review)

(Recording 4K Review)


We made a best, not more a large files, much more 300mb, but now it's just the max 6mb. These are cool, juicy and tasty 3D and 2D templates FL20 ZGE for your presentations and YouTube promotional companies. All rights reserved for you. You can use the finished (RENDERED) product for the commercial purposes, all contents by COLOVE Products. We do cool stuff from nothing. We do cool visuals by ZGE. We are the best in our genre!

In detail, the pack contains:

  • ZGamerX tips added to release 6
  • Automatic color control + Fade In, Fade Out FLP
  • 40 Templates for ZGameEditor Visualizer
  • 5 FL Projects - ZGameEditor Visualizer MasterClass
  • Full support 4K resolution and more..
  • You can edit absolutely everything (Logos and Texts)
  • Quality effects, newly ideas for visuals
  • Without a videos inserts
  • Exclusive vectorial content

(Cube 4K Capture)

What's new in ZGamerX 6 RC2? - 30/06/2019

  • COLOVE ZGamerX 6 is UP to FL Studio v20.5.0 RC2 - Guys, we are fixed 10 templates and improved compatibility with new versions of FL Studio and ZGameEditor Visualizer. We remind you about bug in FL20.5 RC1 (ZGE) "Some templates do not work correctly after export to video file."
  • Friends, we heard all about tips for ZGamerX! We are run FAQ for ZGamerX of series 6 and each future new release will receive FAQ to work with ZGamerX templates. Read file "ZGAMERX TIPS" in your Zip.

ZGamerX 6 system requirements:

  • Windows - FL Studio RC2 (Minimum)
  • macOS - FL Studio RC2 (Minimum)

FL Studio Beta (But you can wait stable finale release v20.5):

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Go to future with 'COLOVE Products'... Enjoy the powerful sounds of COLOVE! Enjoy the powerful effects of COLOVE ZGAMERX 6!

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