This is a set of 165 presets for the synthesizer Sylenth1 v2.21 or higher and project future bounce style.

I tried to repeat the presets that use guys like Brooks, Mike Williams, Mesto, Lucas & Steve, Ellis, Clarx, Martin Garrix, Jordy Rivera, Don Diablo, Chris Later, Dirty Palm, Madison Mars, Raven & Kreyn and many other Producers who write in these genres.

In the demo video and preview of these presets you can hear the presets that are used to create some tracks. Demo videos and previews were created only from presets of this set. Next in the video you can see and hear the presets that are included (each preset). All 165 presets for any ideas of your tracks.

Also in the set you get a bonus: all the drops sound in the preview presets (for informational purposes only). And a new Future Bounce project by Vesezzi. All this will be in one set with presets.

In all the presets I have pitched from -12 to +12 semitones, all the presets were made for the note C3 (for example, Ableton) C5 (FL Studio) on these notes you will hear the sounds that were created. Notes raised up or down will sound different (try it out as you would be better)

Some presets (most of them) have a mod wheel control which I usually assign to Cutoff for fast automation.

I hope you like these presets, they were created for a long time and all were created with init preset.

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