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Soundbank of 128 sounds for quite affordable Novation MiniNova hardware synth. It shares same synth engine with it's bigger brother Ultranova.

I have also included 19 Ableton templates and Bonus Presets for free.

A reason for Ableton use is that it has less hardware buffer and latency in my experience than FL Studio.

Of course you can use it in any DAW - most of the sounds/ideas were made in FL Studio (but for better recording experience i recommend Ableton Live) and it is mostly used independetly without any DAW.

Load syx file through Novation MiniNova Librarian on empty bank C.

Before you load template it is highly recommended to load preset from Synth first than open template.

Most of the sounds are assigned to moodwheel for filter frequency and some sfx modulations.

The sounds you hear in mp3 demo are from Novation MiniNova engine only and there were no any external effects used.


NOTE: Melodies are made for eductional purposes only.

Best regards and i hope you will enjoy it as much as i did when i was making it!

Dario aka TechTrek!

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