Use this track in your DJ playlist, or like soundtrack for action movies. extreme sport videos, vlogs, videogames ect. The pack contains all you need: WAV version (mixed and mastered), MP3@320kb/s. Grab the pack now and make your work to sounds better.

Track was created in the trance subgenre as progressive, combines classic touching trance riffs and expressive Japanese melody. This track reminds me of walks in Japan at night...

  • Woah, this reminds me of Wuhan (pun intended). But 14 Euro for a track? Holy molly goku molly... I love producerbox's quality control.

    99Euro Logic Templates, 14 Euro (Wuhan reminder tracks), Frainbreeze the 'responSABle', and the EPIC 'turn down volume' option whenever a track autoplays.


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