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Progressive Trance / Deep Trance - Fl Studio


Now You can learn how to create sample deep /  trance tracks !
Full arranged progressive / Deep  trance in Fl studio  template with modern euphoric melody.

Very interesting vocal sound without being shoping , and melody  situation in side project!
I hope you Enjoy

This great FL Studio Template will show you how to acheive good Deep and progressive vibe  in a track,  style like  Enhanced  or even Silk music I will show you how to treat and route the following:
• vocals
• melody
• ambiance
• atmosphere sounds

You can replace any of the sounds  if the presets do not load correctly in sylenth this because of a different version than im using which is Sylenth1 v2.2.1
if you have any problems email me and i will send you the presets.


If Ozone 5 loads without the preset being loaded, please select the prest of "gentle tube" this is close to what i had.

*This is a template to allow you to build on what i have created with each channel treated and ready to use and not a full track*


Please make sure you have all the up to date versions of the vsts before loading the project. Only if you have confirmed all versions of your vsts are up to date and still have a problem then contact me


• Duration: 06:40

• DAW: FL Studio

• Required Plug-ins:

- reFX Nexus2
- Massive
- Sylenth1
- Magnus Choir VSTi
- iZotope Ozone 5
- KarmaFX VST


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@  e-mail me for any questions via My Profile.


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