New Ableton Live 10 template release from Audiofuel.

This track is made with no external plugins other than Sylenth1 - so save your money for the expensive plugin bundles - you can make groovy tracks with very few tools.

This track suits you if you're a producer that wants to explore how a techno / minimal track is made, or a vocalist looking for a new soundtrack.

This template contains parallel processing which is a nice way of giving extra power to your instruments.

This track also has a LOUD master, so buy now and see how it's all made!

This template is 100% royalty-free and you can use any element in your future projects;

Samples, Presets, Mixing, Mastering, arrangement etc are free to use.

Product Specs:

- 1 Professional Ableton Live Template

- Mastering chain with stock plugins

- Customizable MIDI synth channels

- Custom instrument racks:

Number of total channels: 45

Number of Midi Channels: 17

Number of Send Channels: 7

Number of Audio Channels: 21

DAW: Ableton Live 10

VST: Only Sylenth1, and stock ableton. Sylenth1 presets with processing.


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