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This FL Studio Template will show you how to achieve good energy and drive in a track, I will show you how to treat and route the following:

*  Kick Sub 

* Bass

*  Percussion Ambiance

*  Fx

* Melody

FL Studio Project Specs

 Length: 7:20

 DAW: FL STUDIO 20.7.2

Plugins needed:

*  Sylenth 1 V3.067

*  Spire X64 V1.5.8

*  Nexus 2

*  Massive

*  Zebra2

*  Fabfilter Pro-Q2 

*  Fabfilter Pro-Q 

*  Invisible Limiter ( A.O.M) 

*  ArtAcoustic Reverb

*  Fabfilter Starun

*  Kickstart

*  Maag EQ4 

Project Tips - You can replace any of the sounds and they will fit right into the mix.

IMPORTANT! Please make sure you have all the up to date versions of the VST's before loading the project.

Only if you have confirmed all versions of your VST's are up to date and still have a problem then contact me.

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