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This is a short Remake of the legendary track " Armin Van Buuren - Let The Music Guide You (ASOT 950 Anthem) ".

DAW: FL Studio 20.7.2

Length: 02:38

Required VST's:

  •  Spire V 1.1.13
  •  Nexus 2
  •  Ultra simple EQ -TAL ( Free Vst )
  •  Fab Filter Pro L
  • JJP-Strings-Keys Stereo ( Waves)
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb

Screenshot Let The Music Guide You Remake For FL Studio (Armin Van Buuren Style)

 Important! This track and the melody is for learning purposes only. The melody is copyrighted just for demo purposes only and cannot be used in any way in your own track(s)/project(s).

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