Uplifting Trance Template Vol.4 FL Studio by JosephAli Sunlight.

I did my best to contribute to you with the sounds, effects, melodies and emotions that I carefully selected in my Sunlight project.

With the different melodies and sound settings, You will be able to make a big difference in your own projects for the future.

Emotional Pads, Inspiring Violins, Flying Plucks and Uplifting Leads, Exciting Infrastructure kick sub bass and bassline are waiting for you.

You don't have to wait any longer to get the Sunlight Project Now.

Please note that the melody, midi, audio of the track is copyrighted and cannot be used as your own or as a part of your track or any other work.

The project is intended to be used for learning.

I am not responsibility of absence of certain plug-ins or specific versions, clearly indicated in the description.

Used Vst Plugins:

  • Sylenth1
  • Spire
  • Nexus
  • Sonata Violins

Mixing Plugins:

  • FabFilter Pro-Q 3
  • A1 Stereo Control
  • Valhalla Vintage Verb
  • Effector FX Module (FL Studio Stock Plugin)
  • Soundgoodizer (FL Studio Stock Plugin)
  • Fruity Multiband Compressor (Fl Studio Stock Plugin)
  • Fruity Parametric EQ (Fl Studio Stock Plugin)
  • Fruity Delay (FL Studio Stock Plugin)
  • Fruity Reverb2 (FL Studio Stock Plugin)


  • 25 Audio Channel
  • 22 Sound Loops
  • 13 Mixing Channel
  • 7 Midi's
  • 1 Mp3 File
  • 1 FLP File

Zip Download Size: 40.07 MB

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