Several weeks back, Martin Garrix released stems for his exclusive record, "Won't let you go", for the public to remix in a competition he hosted via INSTANTLY. If you haven't heard about the application, go check it out ! Martin Garrix now hosts many competitions through this app and any producer can participate as long as they are a member, so I decided to give it a go.

In this remix, I attempted to deliver a YTRAM styled track. Have fun with this project template observing what I did from sound selection to mixdown and mastering. You are welcome to use the use the sounds/presets and samples to produce your own record, or simply use this template as a guide to produce your record. You can easily erase the project and keep just the drum patterns to start composing your track.

You will note that the project is neatly arranged. Each sample/pattern in the project template has its own designated track and every automation is placed directly below the sample, or pattern that is being automated. Each automation has also been labeled which details what is being automated, including the channel number and its insert slot so you can easily find what is being automated.



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