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I present to you a small powerful dnb project. It clearly shows how to build drums and bass in this powerful style.

Software: FL Studio 20.9

Also you will find a bass preset remade by me on the Hybrid 3 synthesizer and two remade presets on Spire.

Key: D# transposed to G# in instrument seting.

In this project you will find my exclusive drum sounds such as kick, snare and hats loops.



Size: FL Studio Template (1.5mb)

Only two third party plugins involved:

1. Hybrid 3 (3.0.7)

2. Spire (1.5.11)

Everything else is done on standard FL Studio 20 plugins.

Keywords: dnb, drumnbass, drum and bass, preset, oneshots, drum & bass, drum&bass, punch, drums, fast.

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