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    Hi! Would it be possible to fix the FLP fil within the zip? Thanks!

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      send me an email to stepheningham316@hotmail.com and ill send you the original files for the track, not sure why its not working. thanks

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    Hello ! And thank you so much for your great upload. Would it be possible to send me the original files for the track? Cause, for some reason, FLP is not working :/


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    Hello TorGue,
    Pardon me on this, I just can't run the FLP which was on in the .zip, just opened it and shows nothing just an empty project. I'm not sure if I should I do smthn else..? In case this is a problem actually, would it be possible to send me a new file? I'm working on FL Studio 12 at the moment.

    Thank you very much

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    TorGue, according to the terms and conditions, I can't use these presets if I buy the regular license and make a song that will sell right?

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    Best Synthwave Sounds. I will buy all other Presets soon!

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    Dear TorGlue

    Love your work. I purchased Retro Thunder Synthwave Soundbank for Sylenth1.
    As I open the download all I see is samples. And cannot see "Over 100 Synthwave presets for Sylenth1,

    Including: Bass, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Bells and Arps"

    I am most interested in the Sylenth1 presets. Would you know if theres an alternative download? Thanks

    Regards, Web