• How can I get the loops you are using?


  • Sorry I see the loops are examples for use in the videos.

    I have noticed that a1, QuadraFuzz, NuendoEQ2, overdrive and double delay are not apart of the cubase 6 suite. How did you get them into the DAW?

  • Hello dear friend,

    These loops was used only for educational use.

    At project you have full MIDI Channels of these loops.

    I just exported them to WAV for your better understanding.

    You can simply open project and you will find all drums with midi files no WAVs.

    A1,QuadraFuzz,NuendoEQ2 was old VST plugins from Cubase. Simply log to your Cubase account at steinberg or just add these VST to google and download them. They are free.

    If you need more help feel free send me email.

  • If you dont know how to go up. Please send me email will send you these free plugins.