Indigenous to the island of Japan, Sou Kanai got his first taste of trance music in 2005, and has been an avid fan ever since. Feeling passionate about the beautiful sounds he heard over the 5 following years, he decided to start studying music production. Only a year after that, in 2011, he made his debut on Vendace Records with his first signed track. Since then he has appeared on a myriad of labels such as, Blue Soho Recordings, Harmonic Breeze Recordings, Infrasonic Recordings, Alter Ego Records, and one of his more popular releases titled “Completely” on Adrian & Raz Recordings. All the while fine tuning his skills and progressing in his art, he’s seen support by some of the more famous actors of the stage whose names involve Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Roger Shah, Paul Oakenfold, and plethora more than this. Even still with each passing day he pushes himself to produce more intricate sounds to forge into his compositions, all while finding influence and inspiration in everything around him.

Sou Kanai & Danny Claire - Completely (Original Mix)


I'm also available for ghost production, mixing, mastering, audio editing, noise reduction, etc.
Please feel free to e-mail me.

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