About Twrekz940

I'm a Electronic platform within a computer wave that is cut up and then mashed up with a ton of Rock, Funk, and some Soul samples all laced together. Slap a 8-bit digital Roland keyboard in and then bottom it all out with a 808 bass with some wacky LFO wobbles riffs that would make Les Claypool shit his pants. Throw in some George Clinton, P-Funk riffs and grooves while hittin' switches with a gangster lean and I think that sums my style up .. LoL

Meshed my love for Turntablism with the power of computers and I believe I found my true calling .. I really love electronic music of all kinds and I love cutting up old and new music into samples to mix them up in a digital and gritty guitar funk sound .. I got myself Reason when it first came out and then some controllers together .. Mixed it all up with my tables and instruments and there you have it .. This is my sound and my sound is me .. !!