Hello im Dimitar and i am from Bulgaria.I don't belive in genres so i make pretty much everything.My tracks are supported by many channels such as: MrSuicideSheep / Diversity Promotions / King Step / AirwaveMusicTV and many more! :) 

Please check my Patreon Page if you want to support me also there are new stuff there! :) 

Check my Patreon!

I am avaliable for freelance work that includes (Trailer Music , Any EDM Genre , Audio Logos , Sample Packs , FX Packs)

Also if you want to support me through cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.

BTC: 1MsdNvJAb2MkP6bkaEMYTrw16HKD3Lf4Yk
LTC: LMjsHTykfkmFEi9p2jaLxNEp7Ak284LAi3

The projects are strictly meant to be use for educational purpose only! You may not use them for stock music or anything related to that!



You can hear my other tracks here : https://soundcloud.com/fujieu

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Current city: Burgas

Country: Bulgaria

Member since: May 2014

Freelance: I am available

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