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If you're are interested to buy any of items on ProducerBox you are a few steps away from it. Create an account → Check Your email to Activate it ⇒ Click on "Buy Now" button and Pay to Download it instantly.

You can pay using all major credit / debit cards (such VISA or MasterCard) via PayPal payment page (sometimes even if you do not have a PayPal account) or by using funds on your PayPal account. You can also use Bitcoin crypto-currency to make purchases.

You can download your purchases instantly right after successful payment. In some cases it may take a while because of payment processing high loads and in this case just come back later in a few minutes and visit Your Downloads section.

Please wait a few minutes maybe it's on the way. If it not comes please check your email spam folder. And if it's not even there please contact our support to get your account activated.

Please follow Remember Username page → enter your email and pass the reCaptcha verification. Your username will be sent to email address you used to register.

Just click on Sign in button and then choose Forgot Password link. On the opened page enter your email address, pass the reCaptcha and check your inbox - your new password will be there.

All your purchases are available in your ProducerBox account Downloads section. You can download any purchases made in the past there. We encourage you to download all the purchased files immediately because the items may be removed from time to time either by staff or the authors.

In this case please contact our support team and you will receive a backup copy of a past purchased item.

At the moment there are two license types on ProducerBox: Regular License and Full License. For more detailed information about licenses please visit Licenses page.

To get technical support or ask questions about the item you purchased please contact the author directly by using the contact form which appears on every author profile. If you contacted an author and received no reply please contact our Support Team.

Following your favorite authors is a great way to stay up to date about new items uploaded by the author. In Your Account Dashboard you have a feed where following authors new items appears. Try it - it's cool!

If otherwise stated by the author in the item description, a free file is like a paid file with Regular License so check out Licenses page to inform yourself.

Many problems or errors are due to bad data remaining in your browser cache. Clearing the cache will usually remedy these issues. Please follow the steps mentioned on this page to clear your browser's cache.

If the item you purchased it still available on the website, go to Your Downloads to get the invoice. If the purchased item is not available anymore please contact support to receive a copy of your invoice or receipt.

If PayPal is not supported in your country of if you cannot get a working PayPal account, there is an alternative for you - use Bitcoins instead. You can buy Bitcoins a lot of ways and then spending them on internet purchases. Consider buying bitcoins on exchanges or or find all options on Bitcoin Official website.

If you have not found an answer to your question please Contact Support Team . We will gladly answer your questions and help solve your problems.

Still have questions? See the Knowledgebase or Submit a Support Ticket .