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Here is a fresh, FULL FL Studio Project (Version 12.0.2), remake of legendary Uplifting Trance track from Aligator feat. Daniel Kandi - «The Perfect Match».

This template is giving you understanding how to synthesize main «The Perfect Match» PLUCK, how to build a structure of original track and insight into mixing levels and sound layers with the use native fx’s of fl studio.

Everything is extremely well organized and named properly.

If you don't have any of used in project instrument/s, please contact me and I will send you recorded audio channel with it.

I couldn't to include female vocals sample into template for sales, because i cut it from original track (it’s Copyright Infringement). But you can do it yourself (or to download it from here: PM Vocals and put it into template folder)

Project Details

• Duration: 07:04

• DAW: made in FL Studio v.12.0.2

• Required Plug-ins:

> Sylenth1 v2.21
> Spire v1.0.20
> reFX Nexus v2.2.0
Also i have used FREE vst plugin LoudMax Plugin v.1.15
(?) Support: Fell free to send me an email or ask by comment.
COPYRIGHT WARNING: The template is re-creation of original track «The Perfect Match» by Aligator feat. Daniel Kandi and it's for learning purposes only! As a buyer you are not allowed to use this template "as is" or to sign it with any music label!

Project Preview

FL Studio Project Window Screenshot Preview

  • DUDE i love it. Love how you put it up for free too. Love that bassline. But i suck at using FL studio............ can't even check how loud each parts are mixed in or how to open up the VST LOL ........ do you or can you make a Logic Pro 9 or X version? PLEASE i'll buy it for sure

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