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rogressive Trance project with beautiful female voice dedicated to Ableton Live users. The sound is similar to the labels like Alter EgoD.Max DeepEnhanced and others.


This project has been supported by Sensetive5, Joe Cormack, Dan Delaforce, Karybde & Scylla, Bluespark, Physical Phase, 9axis, Pimanda and others 


This project was created on Mac OS 10.8.5 and works well on Windows based systems. 


Project Details


• DAW: Ableton Live (v.9.5 or up required)

• Duration: 06:55

• Plug-ins:

  • FabFilter Pro-L
  • FabFilter Pro-Q
  • FabFilter Pro-MB
  • FabFilter Vulcano 2
  • Massive (v.1.3)
  • Sylenth1 (v 2.21)
  • Omnisphere (v.1.5.8)
  • Maag EQ4
  • S1 Imager Stereo (Waves 9)
  • RBass Mono (Waves9)


Project Preview





The melody is copyrighted and use for demo purposes only! Please do not release as an original track. I'm sure you will discover a lot of new things for you, which you can use in your future projects. Be creative emoticon




(?) Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need help with a project.


Enjoy the music and don't forget follow me emoticon Thanks!




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