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Remix Stems Progressive House 128bpm G#m (Remake Deadmau5).


Stems is a new file format for music that will redefine your creative live performance.

As an open multitrack audio format, Stems enhances creative possibilities for DJs, producers, and live performers. A Stem file contains a

track split into various musical elements: A drums stem, a bassline stem, a melody stem, and a vocal stem for example.

The Stem format provides the ability to freely interact with a track’s different musical elements. Each ‘stem’ can be controlled independently

to create instant new mixes, mashups, instrumentals, a cappellas, and more.

Remix Stems Packs:

  • 128bpm_Bpm128_Dubwise_Break
  • 128bpm_Bpm128_Message_Break
  • 128bpm_BS Booka #2
  • 128bpm_BS Booka #3
  • 128bpm_BS Booka #4
  • 128bpm_BS Booka
  • 128bpm_Dream Bell
  • 128bpm_JN Classic Hihat
  • 128bpm_JN Hohl Snare
  • 128bpm_JN Old Lex Kick
  • 128bpm_PS Essential Fill 099 128 BPM
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_01_C_Drum_Loop_128
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_01_Impact_FX_128
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_01_Short_FX_128
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_02_A_Percussion_FX_128
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_02_A_Percussion_Loop_128
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_02_B_Hat_128
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_02_Snare_Fill_128
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_02_Uplifter_FX_128
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_03_B_Big_Impact_128
  • 128bpm_TM_PEH_1_04_A_Percussion_Loop_128

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