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This FL-Studio 11 project is a Progressive Trance. Comes with presets and sounds.


All synths presets made by hand - 3 leads, pad, pad sub, sub bas, 2 basses, rise up lead.


This template - a small track that reveals all the subtlety of modern progressive trance in terms of creating leads, pads, bass and so on. A very cool template for the study of commercially successful Progressive Trance.


IMORTANT!!! Please, DO NOT USE ANY MELODIES FROM HERE without having to purchase a full license.


This template has a perfect order in all things.
This template was created on Windows 7 x64.


What do I get?

Full MP3 320 kbps, WAV
Type: Progressive Trance Template (.flp)
BPM (Beats Per Minute): 128


- The full project file in FL Studio 11.1
- All the MIDI files included
- All the Audio files included (drums and SFX)
- All the Synthesizer presets included


Additional Information:

Number of MIDI Channels - 8
Number of Audio Channels (drums and SFX) - 2 
Number of mixer Channels (with bus channels) - 16

Used pluggins:

  • Spire 1.0.16
  • Gladiator 2.2.0
  • Sylenth 2.21
  • Izotope Ozone 5 (with module Izotope Ozone 5 Dynamics)
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q 2
  • Fabfilter Simplon
  • Volume Shaper 4
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb
  • Sousage Fattener
  • Waves (H-Delay; TransX Wide; RBass; S1 Imager Stereo)
  • Nicky Romero Kickstart






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