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The Art of 138 & 140 Trance Style


A Proffesional Logic Pro 9 project file, that shows exactly how to create and mix the elements that make the popular style of powerful trance.


The file contains layered baselines, drums, effects and more. Giving you an insight on how the professionals create this style.


You will see how the different baselines layered together create the over all sound, and how to build up simple percussion hits. 


The file also contains the use of 'Bus routing' and automation.


• DAW: Logic Pro 9

• Duration: 02:51

• External Software plugins used :

• Izotope Ozone 5

• LFO Tool

• Sylenth 2.2.1

• Fabfilter Pro Bundle 


And plenty of built in Logic units are used in the template.


All the midi notes where created from scratch for this project, feel free to use them in your own production.


• Note: The Template is not a whole track, it simple covers the section the audio clip covers. 



Hope you all enjoy! 




• Any questions, please visit my profile or ask by comment.




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