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This great FL Studio Template will show you how to acheive good energy and drive in a track.


This material provides you a wide range of opportunities - from study of the arrangement and the build up track of mixing and mastering...
In a preview only cut 02:32 lenght .Full track is 07:22 lenght...


Project Specs

• Length:  07:22

• DAW: FL Studio 12

• Plugins needed:

  1. Invisible Limiter
  2. VPS Scope Cm Edition (Free)(Analyzer)
  3. VPS Philta (Free)
  4. Attack Knob (AbleTunes ) (Free)
  5. RC24, RC48 - Native Instruments
  6. LFOTool
  7. Transient Shaper
  8. EQuality
  9. FabFilter Pro-Q, FabFilter Pro-Q2, FabFilter Saturn, FabFilter Pro-C, FabFilter Pro-C2
  10. Izotope Alloy 2
  11. Valhalla Plate, Valhalla Room, Valhalla Shimmer
  12. Waves 9
  13. Faturator
  14. Novelteck Character
  15. Voxengo MSED
  16. LexHall
  17. Sausage fattener
  18. Bionic Delay  1.3
  19. BBE Harmonic maximizer
  20. ArtAcoustic Reverb
  21. Massive 1.5.1
  22. Sylenth 2.2
  23. Spire 1.1.9
  24. Nexus 2.2


Please make sure you have all the up to date versions of the vsts before loading the project. Only if you have confirmed all versions of your vsts are up to date and still have a problem then contact me.



If you have any problems email me and i will send you the presets.





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