This is a fully customizable project for Ableton Live (9.7). The project is a Remake of "ThomasB. / Sirius Black  -You're All I Want".

--> This template is for learning purposes only! - You don't have the rights to release it "as is" on a music label!

--> !!! The Melody and Midi are licensed and copyright protected !!!

--> It includes the full arrangement (26 tracks), instrument presets, mixing, automations, FX chains, and return tracks.

--> You ARE NOT ALLOWED to sell / resell this template "as is". The Chord Sequence and Melody from "ThomasB. / Sirius Black -You're All I Want" is part of a copyrighted work, so please be careful.

--> The melody and midi are licensed and copyright protected

--> Vocal not included!

Software version & Requirements:

  • Compatible with Ableton version 9.7 or higher.
  • Please make sure you have all the up to date versions of the software plug-ins before loading the project.

These Plugins are required for the project to sound just like the preview:

  • Massive
  • Kontakt 5 - Strummed Acoustic Guitar


Product Support


Support enquiries and questions can be asked in comments or by email form on my profile.




Ableton Live Template

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