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Progressivce and Electro House Template KSHMR Style (1/5)

Full template of a progressive house track. This project is created to undestand and to learn the use of every sound and how to use them to make a full professional progressive or electro track.

This series comes with 5 projects with the same basic structure but there will be 5 different melodies and arrangement.
This is the first project of a series of FIVE!

The use of every VST is specified in case you don't own the software you can easily replace it with you own, the project is organized with names and colors to simplify the use and not get lost in the DAW, so you always now what you are missing and where you have to replace you files.



Third Party VSTs:

  • Sylenth1 2.1 (Leads, Bassline, Chords)
  • xFer LFO Tool 1.5
  • Valhalla VintageVerb 1.5
  • xFer OTT FREE
  • A1StereoControl FREE
  • CamelCrusher FREE
  • Bionic Delay FREE
  • FabFilter Pro-L (Master Only)


[ ! ] Enjoy the full track well done in FL Studio 12.


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