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This is bassline part of my 3rd project from the Anjunabeats Style series. This time I've used way less plugins but with a significant increase in the quality.


Project Specs


•  Duration: 00:58 [bassline part]
•  DAW: Ableton Live [used v.9.7.1 / require v.9.5 and up]

•  Plug-ins I used:

• Sylenth1;
• FabFilter Pro-Q 2;
• Xfer LFOTool;
• Xfer DJM;


[i]  Please make sure you explore all the channel from the project as in many of them i used "Chains", which can make your work easier and will increase your creativity. Also take a look on automation, as they are almost everywhere, in all synths and effects.


I'm sure you will discover a lot of new things for you, which you can use in your future projects.


• Note: If you don't have TruePiano, please contact me and I will send you the project without it, but with recorded audio channel instead.


Progressive Trance Anjunabeats Style Ableton Template Vol. 3 Bassline




In case you have any questions, preferences, proposals, and so on, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm always opened to help you.



Progressive Trance Anjunabeats Style Ableton Template Vol. 3


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